Act like I dont care but I care deeply? what does it mean?

okay this guy is an authority figure in my workplace higher than me in authority, he offered to help me with a project in work an i was due to visit him on a day but the night before he had an accident , so next morning before we were due to have a meeting i sent him a message saying i guess i won't need to call to see u today cos of ur accident an i kinda said if he hadn't being on the ladder he wouldn't have fell an i kinda took the piss of him ,
his reply was people who act like they dont care... care deeply but are afraid empathy will change them? what does he mean?
later on i told him i m dead for saying that now since he was taking a hint that i care about him , also at begining i was very mean to him an now i m nice to him
currently he s told me my toughness is cracking an also that he's just like me tough on the outside an soft in de middle? what does this mean? also he s married an i dont date married guys but i just want to know what his game is so i can put him straight either way or maybe he just being friendly i only asking for opinions that are relative to the caring bit an tough on the outside bit
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he s telling me i act like i dont care... but says that people who act likem that care deeply. now whats your opinion on that !
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basically i want to know why he s telling me all ov this? or does he want me to fancy him or does he fancy me or whats the buzz?
Act like I dont care but I care deeply? what does it mean?
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