Frustrated and Confused... Does he like me?

I think this guy likes me but am not sure. He's friendly one day, then acts like he doesn't know me the next. We will run into each other or he will walk by my area at work. He sounds excited to talk to me when he does, but I don't think anything of it because I think he's being friendly and nothing more, but sometimes I get the feeling it's something more. He's been doing this for a couple years now. I like him, but after trying to hint it and nothing coming of it, I gave up. I stopped trying to run into him and didn't speak or see him much for about 6 months. I recently ran into him and said hi and he said hi back, but in a way that implied he was mad at me for something, like not talking to him, along with body language.. Why would he be mad at me... we are not friends. This kept going on for a few weeks until he gradually started being nicer to me and walking by my area again, until finally he tried having a conversation with me (he was actually smiling!) but I had to ruin it by being so nervous, my body actually walked away from him with out me wanting to, and not saying bye - Yes I am shy. The next day i saw him and he did not acknowledge me (looked at his phone), so I didn't say anything. Reason is, I thought, because I was nervous, he thought I liked him and he really was just being friendly and didn't want to give me the wrong impression. He also stopped walking by my area. A few days later, I did see him again and said hi, to which he replied in kind.

My question is does he like me or just being friendly? I don't want to make a fool of myself. Is he not talking to me because i walked out of the conversation and appeared noninterested and that hurt his feelings or is he waiting for me to talk to him next? I'm so confused!!! If a guy likes a girl, wouldn't he keep talking to her?

Thanks for your help.
Frustrated and Confused... Does he like me?
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