Guys do you all flirt differently an is a guy being extra polite to you a sign?

So a guy i see regular in my neighbourhood. He works in a store so it is hard to define if it's friendly work etiquette or an interest.

He tried to make conversation weeks ago. Saying hello you alright but it could be friendly. Although the vibe i get around him makes me wonder otherwise.

I get nervous, tongue tied etc. Some days he looks from afar when i walk past i see him staring. I feel attracted to him.

When i am in his space , a small shop. He can't look up as he serves others he looks nervous an awkward. I also seen his hands shake.

One time when i went in his eyebrows went up an I saw him. check me out as i walked by to get a drink from. the fridge.

This was the time he looked down to the floor when i got to counter then made. convo.

He also messed up on the till, overcharging me. He apologised an seemed sincere. I wish he wasn't intimidated or on edge around me as i like him.

Another day i went in he was stocking shelves, an i was at till. He said sorry an came rushing to serve me.

Then last week i was waiting again an he was at back. of store. He didn't know it was me that came in. So as he walked down aisle, his face changed when he saw me an he said sorry i said its ok. Then asked for. Product he looked at me this time.

I felt so nervous an excited when i see him. Should i slip him my number an see if he contacts? I realise in work it would be unprofessional to linger at a till chatting.
Guys do you all flirt differently an is a guy being extra polite to you a sign?
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