I like a girl, how to move forward :\ ?

(warning there is a lot to this question)

Right, so I met this girl a few weeks ago, I see her twice a week (about two hours each time) and I really like her. I have had a proper conversation with her once despite it being quite brief and we despite the fact that she is quite shy and I can't hold a conversation for the life of me, did get on pretty well. The thing is I have actually never been in a relationship before and have absolutely no clue what to do now, I don't how to actually tell if she likes me or not and how and when I can ask her out without coming off as a creep.

Preferably answers from girls around my age in the sense of what you would want in this situation but any help is more than welcome. I'm just really confused :\

(also not sure if this is more flirting, dating or Girl's behaviour)
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*title should be I like her
I like a girl, how to move forward :\ ?
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