Is she into me? Or am I a bother?

I have known this girl for a few years. Recently we have been talking more and more and texting into the night. I have taken it to very sexual places and she seems to respond sort of good and sort of bad. Many times she will throw me into the topic and many times she seems to avoid me being in the topic. She usually goes to sleep at a certain time but when we have talked she doesn't fall asleep until maybe an hour later than that. Is that a good thing? Should I dial back the sexual talk? I really am starting to fall for this girl after all this time and I don't want to mess it up but I'm a wreck of anxiety so I over think every unresponded text :/ should I maybe make it even more sexual? I don't want her to think I'm a sleeve either that's not what I'm after but I realize how I need to become more of a sexual being in her mind. Any questions ask I really have no idea what to do. Thanks! :)
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+1 y
So today at work she seemed very interested in talking to me but... For work our manager thought a short scavenger hunt with questions relating to the newer employees would be a fun and helpful activity. The girl instantly pointed at me and smiled super wide shouting that I was her partner. That felt really nice. I didn't have a pen so we decided I would just use hers and copy everything onto my sheet afterwords. We started off asking the others workers things about hobbies pets as well as...
+1 y
Where the fire extinguishers were located. She seemed to branch off and blatantly flirted with an ex boyfriend she had that also works there. After words she got irritated and asked me why I was copying her answers down. We had agreed on that already and she seemed perfectly fine with it. She seemed distant the rest of the time we were there so a half hour or so until we left. I am beyond puzzled. She went from 0-100 so fast I don't understand what happened. Everything was going so nicely.
Is she into me? Or am I a bother?
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