Why do older guys keep hitting on me?

Why do older guys keep hitting on me, I am 18 years old. I went to the airport recently, and this older man kept blatantly staring at me. My friend pointed it out to me, that an older guy (maybe in his 30's) was looking at me. My friend jokingly told me that maybe I should "talk" to him. Even while I passed by him, he kept staring at me. He was staring at me like he wanted something from me. I felt really uncomfortable. Another time, an older guy (again, I think he was in his 30s) came up to me and told me that I was beautiful and tried sweet talking me. I knew it was a compliment and I appreciated it but what weirded me out what that he was so much older than me. Another time I went to the store and had to talk to a salesman (maybe in his 20s) and I was with some friends. Well, while he was talking to me, he would stare at me in an uncomfortable way. Like, he would stare at me while talking. Additionally, he asked me why I wanted to buy a certain product. I said that it was for an internship that I was doing. He then started telling me how that's seriously really good, acting interested in the fact that I had an internship. that My friend even told me that he likes you. People say I look young for my age (some people think I look 12 or 13) and that I have a baby face yet its funny because guys my age rarely hit on me, the guys that hit on me are always older than me. Why is that older guys keep hitting on me?
Why do older guys keep hitting on me?
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