Can asking out a girl for coffee be taken platonically?

So I met this girl a few months back but haven't talked to her since. Then, I saw her on a dating site and decided, I would ask her out for coffee.

I mentioned that she was funny and nice, and that I regret not knowing her better. I said that I would probably regret it later if I didn't ask her out. However, I also mentioned that I would like to get to know her better. Although I didn't mean it platonically, do you think she would interpret it that way?
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In the event that she does take it platonically, should I say "its a date" or something along those lines when we arrange a specific time?

And also, although I saw her on the dating site, I actually messaged her through regular channels
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I realized how difficult it would be to decide how it was interpreted without knowing the exact wording so here is the original message. Its split up due to character restrictions:

Part 1/2:

I don’t know if you remember me but we met during frosh week, and then several times after that including that [party] our [orientation leaders] threw. You really made an impression as a really nice and funny person and I really wanted to know you better but I never got the chance to.
Can asking out a girl for coffee be taken platonically?
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