She's new in town? Ask her out still?

So I met this girl through a meetup group. Well I met a lot of fun and cool people.

She is new in town, I think she just moved here a few months ago.

I found her attractive and liked her personality. But, I didn't really go after her. I mean I didn't show tons of interest, though I did tease her a lot. I kinda felt like she was out of my league, and so I kinda let other guys jump in and talk to her.

Then the next day she adds me on Facebook. Well she added a lot of people from the group. Then she message me on it and we talked a bit and then moved our convo to text messages.

Then a week later she messages me asking me if I will make it to the next event. I was stuck with family coming over so I couldn't go.

I'm thinking she is probably being friendly more than anything.
She is also 3 years older than me, though it doesn't matter to me.

I'm sort of hesitant to take any action, as I don't want to get booted out of the group, or be known as the guy who asked X out etc.. Although, I got the impression most people seemed to like me within the group. So, I guess it wouldn't be a problem.

But, I guess I feel like her being new to the city and all she probably wouldn't be interested in meeting someone or dating? Or at least going out to coffee just the 2 of us to spend more 1 on 1 time with each other. It's harder to talk when you have a group of people.
She's new in town? Ask her out still?
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