I have a secret crush on a GAGer here?

Ok, so I just recently bumped into a GAGer here that is just so smart and very good looking he is white has blond hair and is a model. I wish he would think I was attractive but highly doubt he does cause he never privately messaged me. And I'm not very smart, I'm also not white I'm brown and have black hair and I definitely don't look like a mode, but I am considered very attractive to the majority of people. I just don't think he finds me that way. I'm really really sad I want him to be attracted to me too and I don't want to message him first for fear that I won't have anything to say or I won't be smart enough. How can I get him to notice me more? What kind of pictures should I take? I want him to fall for me!
I have a secret crush on a GAGer here?
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