How do I show interest in a guy I see around regularly?

I have a huge crush on one of the workers at my local grocery store. I'm pretty shy around people I don't know well, and very shy around people that I find attractive.

So it's hard. When i've watched him with other customers he is not very chatty an seems shy. When i am in queue, he looks
more shy an his hand even shakes a bit.

When i come in store he has raised his eyebrow, watched me as i walk to get an item that i wish to buy. Then when i got to counter he looked down to the floor an
then looked up an stopped an said hello you alright. before serving me.

I am shy i was lost for words so i was shocked he spoke to me an was not responsive but not out of disinterest as i do find him attractive.

Other times i walk past store an he's looking over at me whilst stood behind counter until i am out of site.

When we are around eachother there's a vibe of nerves an excitement. I get feeling he feels it too but is unsure on whether i am into him too.

This one time he was stocking shelves, an i waited at counter. When he realised i was waiting to be served he was very apologetic about making me wait a little while. An then another day he was at back of store. He couldn't see me at. counter.

When he then walked up aisle then realised i was in shop his face expression was different like oh its you an he said sorry in regards to keeping me waiting.

I said its. ok as i wanted to talk to him so i got over my nerves around him a bit now. I then told him what i want, an when he said which one he stared deep into my eyes. I told him an it was tonic wine. I look young so he asked for i. d i didn't have any so couldn't have it but he was like sorry about that.

When he didn't need to apologise for following the stores policy right?

Been going on for month or so. Does it fall on me to drop my digits. cus he is at work?
How do I show interest in a guy I see around regularly?
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