Can eye contact be considered flirting?

Basically can eye contact from across a room be flirting? There were these two girls at work today who I've never really spoken to and I know Girl 2 has a crush on me. But I did something really nice for Girl 1 today and her and Girl 2 talked to me whenever I walked near them and found excuses to come over to me and ask me questions when they could have asked anyone else and Girl 2 was sitting with her back kinda turned from me but Girl 1 was facing more towards me and she'd make eye contact with me sometimes when I was at my work station. I was at an angle from her so it wasn't just she'd look up and I'd be right there. Girl 1 also made a point to ask me my name. Both girls were very friendly.

I like Girl 1 and I feel like Girl 1 thinks I'm cute, Girl 2 is okay but not my type. How much eye contact, not staring but just briefly catching each others eyes, do you think would be considered flirting? Also, do you think it's possible Girl 1 was attempting to get my attention because she wanted to draw my attention to Girl 2 who is her friend but who is kinda shy?
Sometimes it can and Girl 1 was flirting with you.
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Sometimes it can, but Girl 1 wasn't flirting with you.
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No, catching someones eyes repeatedly isn't flirting.
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Unsure/other (please explain)
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Can eye contact be considered flirting?
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