Is there a reason why everyone is telling/asking my best guy friend and I to date?

Okay so I have this best guy friend that I usually Skype like every night. We haven't recently because we've both gotten really busy. Usually when we do Skype, we do it with my other best friend, but we also Skype alone if she's not available.

Lately everyone has been telling us that we should date and if they aren't telling us, then they are asking us if we ARE already dating. I'll be truthful and admit that we are very flirty with each other. I mean we both have admitted that we'd totally bang each other and both think that the other is attractive, and he openly flirts with me on Skype all the time, but it's known that we are just friends. He's also really into sex and is no virgin and hooks up with tons of people while I still am a virgin and have only kissed two guys in my life.

Recently a mutual friend of ours (a friend who I had a bit of fling with earlier in the year and still sorta do have a thing for) told me, randomly might I add, that "You [me] and Brad [my friend?] should date. My first response was "eeeewwwwwww" because we are so close and I see him as one of my best friends, but not a boyfriend. Now, our mutual friend is really close to Brad, as well as me, but Brad more so because they go to the same campus (we all go to the same school, but different campuses). I know that they talk a lot and talk about a lot of different things. It gets me to thinking, why would my friend say that? (they are both guys)

My friend, he never really sees us interact much, especially after we started to get really close, and I've barely talked to him about Brad, if at all. I think he's seen us together and around each other a lot only once after we got super close to each other. It was totally random when he said it. Might my friend have feelings for me that are beyond just wanting me for sex? Could he have possibly brought me up on a few occasions to our mutual friend without my knowledge? I know you all have all the answers, but any advice would be helpful.
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I'm not interested in dating him, but I'm just curious as to why people would think that. I mean, yes, we do cuddle during rehearsals (we are both in our schools musical production), but that's only because I like to cuddle a lot. I do it with all of my friends whatever gender they are, but I like cuddling with guy friends more because I just feel more protected and secure and stuff. He's my best friend, though, and I'm not into the idea of dating and I thought he wasn't either, but now I'm not
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so sure about what he's feeling.
Is there a reason why everyone is telling/asking my best guy friend and I to date?
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