I like A girl from class. What can/should I do?

i like this girl in class, i think she is very beautiful and i have fallen hard for her. the problem is i only see her twice a week and only talked to her about five times. i want to leave a bigger impression on her every time i talk to her, how can i do that? also i want to hint at her that i like her. i talk to her in class if i can and on the trolley ride home.

About her: she is also a bit shy but can hold a conversation. she is very nice and friendly and easy to get along with. not sure if having to dress incredibly well everyday is relevant to this, but yeah she dresses really pretty.

side note: i never had a girlfriend in my life (i am 19), i don't know the ways of the ways of 'the game' and i am also a bit awkward and shy. i don't like telling people when it comes to these sort of thing relating to girls, so you're one of the few who know.
I like A girl from class. What can/should I do?
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