How can I get my personal trainer to fancy me?

Hey girls and guys!

I am going to the gym for quite a while now and I got in touch with a really nice looking initern. We talked a bit and decided that he should help me with my routine. So we met up in the gym last Friday to create a better diet and workout for me. We ended up chatting for 2,5 hours about a lot of different things and he asked for my number. The moment I got home he texted me if i was comming to workout on Sunday. I said yes and we talked all Saturday long.
He is more the cool guy who doesn't write very long answers but he certainly seemed to be interested in me.
On Sunday he texted me several times and reassured that i was comming and when i was late he called me.

Now it gets messed up : I always work out with my best friend. I brought her with me and wanted to train with her for an hour and then go to my handsome trainer. Well, she wanted to join us and i didn't want to upset her, so i took her with me and we worked out all together for an hour. My Trainer and I had a few flirty moments and he was checking up on me. He looked me suspiciously often deep in the eyes and laughed about my jokes. He was also nice to my best friend. Well, we both messed up the work out, because we suck at sports. He asked a few times, if my friend would come the next times too. I don't know if that means that he is into her or me :D

He didn't text me since, so i did. I told him i was having sore muscles and thanked for the workout. I also apologized that I brought my friend without telling him beforehand and he said that it was no problem. I suggested that we should work out alone some time and he said "if u want"
I know that he has the keys for the gym and is working out outside of the opening hours. (He told me on Saturday and invited me to join)

He is really my type but doesn't seem to be willing to flirt. How can I break the ice and (re) gain his interest?

Take care xxx
How can I get my personal trainer to fancy me?
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