What to do with this girl?

This girl gave me good signals ( I won't go through it since its long) but she said she went up through a bad breakup she said. I don't know if that was just a polite way of saying no or if she was telling the truth. So I decided about a month later to tell her that it'll be upto her if she wants to pursue anything while i'm telling myself that I'll be on the look for new chances with other people. In the meantime, I told her we can be friends and since then we've gone onto having dinner just me and her, I came to see her when she was sick, I gave her flowers when her grandmother died, and for the past month we've been texting like 5-6 days a week talking for long parts of the night until one of us says we have work in the morning or have to go to bed. Why is she doing this to me
What to do with this girl?
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