Am I in the wrong? Did I handle this right?

So about a week ago, I started talking to this girl who in one of my college classes with me. Really cute and attractive. I guess she had a crush on me for a while because she was so excited when we first started talking. But after a week of talking to her and getting to know her, I can already tell shea not my type of girl. She seemed really immature, irresponsible, lazy, and we had nothing in common. All she had going for her was her looks. And well... looks will only get you so far. So I told her the other night that I didn't see this going anyway, that's she a nice girl, but I don't see anything in common or that could make us ever compatable. She then started going off on me, giving me the whole "all you guys are the same crap". Well here's how I look at it. I could've just lead her on, have sex with her and just left her. But I didn't. I was straight up honest with her, like I should be. I don't use girls, ever. It's not me. But now appearntly I'm such a bad guy because I don't see any interest in her? Like that's the point of "talking". Figuring out if you like eachother and learning about one another?

Am I possibly in the wrong here? I'm pretty sure I did the right thing as opposed to using this girl.
Am I in the wrong? Did I handle this right?
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