Put yourself in my situation please, how would you react?

I've known this guy ever since he was in 7th grade. I was in 8th grade. I met this guy from my sister, and he was new in our neighborhood.. His name turned out to be Christian.
He was a nice guy, every girl flirted with him. Even I did.. Everybody grew up, now he cheats NONSTOP. I didn't get caught in his trap. But, we ride the bus all the time.. I was away for him for awhile. On Friday , he approached me and questioned on how I was doing. I was fine. He wanted my number. I decided to try things again.. I had kick boxing that night, and he was shocked I did such a thing. I was like "Well, everybody is different.." And he asked if I was a virgin. (Not just like that, we were in deep talk about things) He was shocked I wasn't, and he was like "Oh! I'm next.." So I was confused, thinking he was kidding. Then, he started talking about myself having sex with him..
You know how men are sometimes, just playing with you? You know. I ignored that fact. Then things got REALLY WEIRD. I accidently fell asleep on him and I got 44 text messages saying "Baby. Babe. Lyndsey. " and then it turned to.. "Wanna see my D?" So that shocked me. He sent a picture. Then he introduced me to a friend. His friend wanted to meet me, and his friend was saying how Christian thought I had a nice butt and that I'm very beautiful. I took it as a compliment..
I see Christian EVERYDAY. I saw him today on the bus this morning. I saw him during the day in a period. He looked over at me, and I looked up. He was like "Hi Lyndsey!" and I smiled and said "Hi." and then I knew he was holding a laugh.. HAHAH. So, then I was grabbing my things and he was like "Oh my gosh.." to nobody that was around him. What was the "Oh my gosh.." about?
When I met his friend on Kik, He was like.. "You need to come over and take a picture of us hanging out, and we can kiss to show him." WHAT? He always ask to sneak out at night.. What does this even all mean?
Put yourself in my situation please, how would you react?
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