Why are heavy set women attracted to me?

Please some of you bigger ladies don't get offended, I'm not intentionally trying to insult you. Why are heavyset women attracted to me? They're not even my type but for some reason they're always sitting close to me and looking at me... I like smaller petite females or even a little bit tick but their always heavy set girls that want me... I'm a black guy by the way and I don't know if that matters but I thought I should mention it. I weigh 183 lbs and I have very low body fat. But I'm talking. About girls that are 200lbs+ are always into, whT could be the cause of this.
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The women are 200+ and im. Not even 200, im 183 or so... I'm sure your like a 180 to right?
Why are heavy set women attracted to me?
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