Girls: How do I avoid coming across as arrogant?

I have tons of confidence and self-belief, but I worry that I may come across as arrogant at times with girls. I think that my manner has turned off at least one girl that I really liked. Based on what a female friend told me, the girl I liked really liked me and thought I was hot until we started talking. After that, she came to think that I was cocky and conceited, two traits I didn't *think* I exhibited.

The thing is, when I flirt with girls, I tease them and puff my chest out a little. I do this primarily because it's a successful way to build chemistry and attraction with lots of girls. Totally humble and meek guys rarely get anywhere with women. But the last thing I want to do is give off a conceited vibe to girls. So the question is, how do I maintain my outward confidence around girls while not coming across as a cocky jerk? I want girls to see that I'm confident without obscuring my "nicer" qualities.
Girls: How do I avoid coming across as arrogant?
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