I'm just feeling overwhelmed, what to do?

Yesterday we met with the guy I love (we met 2 years ago but it became more serious two months ago) I told him I want to be exclusive. He said alright.
I told him I never experienced sex as good as this with anyone else, that I could never relax before with any other guy.
He then told me to text him but in the afternoon he texted me first. He asked me: "are you ok with us or you just go with the flow?" I replied with a Dave Matthews band song, "you and me" but he never replied.
I texted him 2 hours later, he answered half hour late and I was sleeping, so I didn't reply.

I'm scared I might have scared him out with the song? We haven't texted today. I miss him very much, what should I do?
I'm just feeling overwhelmed, what to do?
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