I told my crush I like him and now he won't talk to me?i don't know what to think?

i told my crush I like him, like two months ago. and he told me that distance is a problem. I think he likes someone. he lives in utah and I live in san diego. but he keeps visiting and I don't know why...he visited on Oct 16. He winked at me the night we when bowling here in SD and when he was back in utah he talked to me over Facebook and said "Don't take this the wrong way , but you looked really good" what am I supposed to think? then I said "thanks" now he won't talk to me.. why? I've had a crush on him for most that a year..help!? should I start a conversation over Facebook? does he like me?


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  • don't know honey...sounds like he just freaked a bit. Just don't bug him about it, and make yourself the cute fun loving girl he origially liked. Maybe he'll come back around. The worst that can happen is you'll remain cute and fun loving!

    • It's been a month though. Doesn't it seem like if he was gonna come around, he would have already?

    • No...guys take forever... My point is, start making yourself happy again and he will respond to that. If he doesn't then the worst thing that will come of the situation is that you are happy. You see? Don't worry about him, when you stop worrying things fall into place. Start making yourself happy (and not with boys!)

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