Why does he look at me from far away but act weird up close?

Is it nerves?
Have I misinterpreted his behaviour as rude when really he's just awkward?
I don't get him! One day he is nice, the next he acts like he doesn't know me.
I'm a young, attractive woman (28 years old) who is nice and polite to everyone I meet.

There is this guy (29 years old) who works in my building and also lives in my apartment block... It's always a little awkward when we bump into each other but we both usually smile and make polite small talk... There is also a lot of eye contact from across the room but I'm pretty shy when talking to him cos I like him... He is gorgeous... But he lives with his gf so I can't make move... She is very fat by the way lol...

Anyways today when I was walking into work he was on reception... We made eye contact and as I walked in the door I was gonna say hi but he just looked down at the computer and completely snubbed me... why?
Ages ago I had to go down to his apartment to collect a towel that had blown off my balcony and he was hostile as hell! My male flat mate did the talking and he was so short with him... Then gave me a half smile... Weird!
After that when I saw him at work he snobbed me so I thought that was that... But then he started being friendly again! And we have chatted in the lift n stuff... Then today, cold again!

I don't get him! what is he thinking? Why is he hot and cold? Was he not being rude at all? Was he merely in a moment of awkwardness and didn't know what to do so pretended to be busy on the computer? He's so hot and cold!!! What's going on in his head?
Why does he look at me from far away but act weird up close?
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