How to indirectly rejecting my co worker?

There this co worker that works in different departments from me . I don't see him often. However, when ever I see him he always smiles and his face lights up. Sometimes he would stop by and have chat asking how I am doing etc. Even when I am sitting down in the lunch room on break time he would come and sit down for a bit to chat.

I have been getting a vibe that he is interested in but since he hasn't made a move, I decided to not worry about it and just continue being friendly. However, I last time when I was sitting in the lunch room with another co worker he came and sat down our table. He was finishing his shift going home.

He started chatting but I didn't really make eye contact with that much. I kept talking to the other co worker I was with. I didn't ignore him but I try to come off as not interested in having a convo with him since I already sense that he is interested so subconsciously I don't want to appear overly friendly and send the wrong the impression

Then he asked me if I was working tomorrow and I said no then he was like maybe I should call you then he pulled out his cell phone. I didn't respond then I got up to get my food in the microwave .He got up and said bye to the other co worker. Then he looked at me again while he was walking away and said again that he wants to call me tomorrow but I didn't respond and said bye to him.

The thing is,I don't give my number if I am not interested. I like the guy as friend but I don't want to lead the person on and gave the wrong idea. I know he hasn't flat out told me that he likes me but I could from his body language .I know he is interested

do you he will get the hint?
How to indirectly rejecting my co worker?
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