What are we? What is she thinking?

I knew this girl who is my new colleague for about 2 weeks. Initially we didn't really talk much at work until last sat my frens invited me for a drink at a thai club. Out of curious i just ask her if she is interested to join me n my frens, most of the people she dont knw who they were. Her first ans was, let me think about it and will let you knw later. At the end of the day she agreed to join us for a chill after work. So we started texting from that day on, chatting happily and i went to pick her up and we went down together. We just chat n drink at that night, didn't let her drink much plus i am sober all along until we leave. On the way back, we sit v close to each other, i will said we do have feelings for each other at that moment and we kissed in the cab. She did told me she does have a bf but relationship was on the verge of breaking. I didn't really response much to this, she also knew we not serious at that moment. She said i am a player, but obviously she wants to play w me. However things really got out of hand 2 days later, went for dinner w her and sent her back home. She hugged me at the lobby and i gave her a long kiss and i went back home shortly. When i reach hm, she told me she just quarrel w her bf over phone. She was upset and asking whether she could come over my place, as she knws i was drinking alone at home and she wanted to join me. I rejected her as i dont really like the idea of bringing women to my place. Chat w her and i end up went to her place nearby to meet her. She did confess that she has feelings for me and in the end i went up to her place, and we had sex. She told me to give her a week to settle her feelings w her bf. Eversince that day we didn't get to see each other much as i was away for leave from work. But we still texting everyday, even though she is the one who will text me first. I dont knw but sometimes she is trying to hint me that lets stay as colleague, and sometimes she really loves me. I am also confused by her. didn't knw what she is thinking. Any advice? Thank you.
What are we? What is she thinking?
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