Should I text him?

So there's this guy that I kind of like we have texted a couple times recently but neither of us want a relationship right now I just got out of a relationship so Im not looking to get into another yet. We ended up sleeping together tho and we just stayed at his place the night and it happended again when we woke up then we basically just spent a couple hours talking. We dont usually hang out much as we have only known each a bit now and Im not to sure where I stand with him we are only just starting to get to know each other more. He ended up saying that he wanted to hang out again and to text him but with it being exam week recently I haven't had much time for anyone so I just sent a text and said that we should try and hang out soon and he said that we should hang out soon. I just feel kind of awkward with all of this another thing is he's been shy when we talk in person Im not sure why tho or what I should do. Basically Im trying to figure out what to do about all of this Im not sure if I should text him and tell him that Im feeling confused on where we stand or if I should wait for him to text me again its only been a couple days since we talked but I dont know if I should text him first or wait and leave it alone for now. thoughts? could really use the help/advice please.

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+1 y
Also I don't know if how he feels I just know neither of us want to get into a relationship right now.
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I think it might be friends with benefits basically but I don't know how to go about things if it is that just cause I haven't done friends with benefits before..
Should I text him?
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