I really don't get this?

I like this guy & I told my friend (who's a guy) to talk to him. He talked to him on Thursday and he was telling me this: (My friend is D; My crush is B)
D: You know ____ likes you, right?
B: I know.
D: You know she talks about you a lot, right?
B: Really?
D: Yeah!
B: I'm gonna talk to her.

So then on Friday , he acted really shy around me and my friend wasn't there but I was suspecting that he talked to him. It was like everytime he looked at me, he looked really shy and then I said hi to him and then he said hi but still looked really shy.
Yesterday, as soon as he saw me he gave me a hug and had the cutest smile. Then he gave me a lollipop, borrowed my pen, but still during this whole time acted shy.... (he never used to act shy; he's a class clown). Anyway, does this seem as if he likes me to you?
I really don't get this?
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