Is this considered "flirting"?

I've never flirted with anyone before which I'm kinda shy and quiet. Guys don't seem to like me. I have social anxiety. Last year, I've been taking Prozac for my anxiety and it actually seemed to lessen (sometimes). I talk to people more now and go up to people and try to act "normal" as possible. There's this guy (I gqve him a note that he's cute haha) who I've been talking to, he's really nice. We exchanged numbers and talk about family, school etc.

I found out he likes me which he later asks me out. I dump him a day later because I was afraid of being in a relationship and felt uncomfortable. I asked to be friends which he understood but didn't talk for days. I later talked to him myself by texting. I later asked if he needed help with work. We did homework together and I couldn't stop poking him and trying to tickle him.

I would tell him he has a nice smile and I like it when he smiles and I would make direct eye contact and smile. Laugh at his jokes. As the bell rang, I hugged him and wanted to hug again. He actually said hi to me later on.
Is this considered "flirting"?
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