Should I initiate a conversation?

I had been talking to a guy for awhile. We kept trying to hangout but our schedules never worked. I go to college and hour away so I can only see him on weekends. Last week we were in the habit of talking everynight before we went to sleep. This week I really haven't heard anything from him. I actually asked him directly do you still want to hangout? And he said yeah that's he's just been super busy with work and hasn't had time to talk. Which I know he's busy with work. Usually when I would send a snap he would usually always reply but now it takes him awhile to open it and he doesn't respond. I sent one tonight hoping he'd respond but didn't. It wasn't anything directed towards him just a random snap. So I was thinking in the morning should I directly ask him something just to intiate a conversation to see if he even responds. Something like good morning how's you're week been? Or are you feeling better now? ( last week he had dental surgery) what should I do or ask? Do guys sometimes not respond to snaps if they think they aren't directly targeted to them? Should I send him one directed to him like hey handsome how you've been? Or is that too forward?
Should I initiate a conversation?
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