Guys, dude on bus?

So,there's this guy on the bus and I have no idea on how to talk,to him. It started like this... The one day I,went over to KFC for lunch and I seen him working. He was in the back and when he seen me he smiled really hard. Lol. Then the one day I took the early bus and before my bus left he winked at me. I didn't know what to do! I did a "cute" wave at him . So here for a little bit I was goin over to KFC for lunch and when he would see me, we would jus smile... But today when we were standing at the transfer center to catch our bus, he came over and was talking to me asking about where I go to school ( I go to beauty school) and he was asking about it. Lol. We weren't talking at all on the bus then, but before he got off at his stop, he actually missed his stop intentionally and stopped at the stop before mine, and when he got off the bus he looked at me and said have a good day.

Wtf am I,suppose to. I'm such a pus. Lol
Guys, dude on bus?
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