Would this be creppy for me to do?

Thair is this girl i think i'm really in love with. She's someone who i had seen in college but did not really know on a personal level. But when our eyes met i felt like thair was something thair, a mutual feeling.
Im not sure if she is still attending the college i'm going at, and frankly i'm not sure what i'd do if she was because i'm not good with talking to beautiful woman.
So i thought that it would be a good idea to create a fake Facebook page to try to communicate with her, to let her know that i am someone who thinks she's beautiful and special, and if she responds positively i will tell her who i am.
So my question is would this be creepy or charming, girls if you were the girl would you be creeped out of would you think this is charming.

That's really creepy.
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That's charming.
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Would this be creppy for me to do?
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