Does he like me or he's just being nice?

I have a big crush with this cutie hearthrob in our batch . During the first sem we were not classmates, but this sem, I was put in their section so we became classmates. I'm naturally talkative and outgoing, but when it comes to him, I feel so shy to talk to him. I heard from his friends that during the first sem, he doesn't talk really much, he was shy and introvert, but now, he was the one initiating conversations with me. He calls my name often and one time, when I was working alone in the lab, he asks me if I'm okay. During a conversation with our circle of friends, I heard he remembers where I live, which I only mentioned once. One time, he also asked if there was someone sitting beside me and he sat beside me even though we have our sitting arrangement in class. Also, in one of our class, my teacher asked each of us who our most favorite classmate is, and he said my name (I was shocked because like what I've said, I am too shy to talk to him so were not that closed). What does that mean? My friends told me that he actually likes me...

but what do you think guys and girls over there? Are these really signs that he likes me?And how must I react?
Does he like me or he's just being nice?
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