Wait for her to use the gift or just text her now?

I am trying to meet up with this girl to get the ball rolling. I got her a birthday gift for a pedicure at this place. I wanted to meet up and give it to her then see what happens. But She said she doesn't think she will be able to meet up, but appreciated the gesture.

I sent her the gift for the pedicure anyway without any meet up because I can't use it. A couple days later she texted Thank You! I texted back if she used it. She said she didn't use it yet and that she just been busy, but she appreciates it.

It sounds like she's legit busy with work and that she was on a family trip from MySpace pictures. Just wait for her to use it and text me and see what happens from there? I am thinking about texting her now, asking how her trip is, and then saying do I get a rain check for us to meet up since you were busy? I wish I came up with the rain check idea to meet up before..
Wait for her to use the gift or just text her now?
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