I NEED to talk to my crush?

It's now or never. I get nervous around guys I like, so I either avoid them, or when I do talk to them I end up unintentionally playing hard to get (bitchy).
I have ONE month to move my a*ss (I graduate college). I REALLLLY like him, he likes me (SOOO many signs). As cheesy as this may sound, I seriously think we are meant to be, there have been way too many things/coincidences for me to think otherwise.
I had class with him a year ago (thats how I got my crush). And one year later we're STILL acquaintances. We talk when the circumstances are right (so, rarely). Or just say hi when we pass eachother on campus.
The times we've spoken was when one of us happened to be alone and the other passed by. I never see him. When I do, he's either in class or with this friends. I literally pray everyday for him to be on campus. And today miraculously he was (with his friends), after not having seen him for 2 weeks. I was like "ok gogogogo say hi. do it.", but freaked out and walked right past him. He's outgoing in general but acts EXACTLY like me with this crush (I notice everything he does: stare, avoid/ignore, purposely laugh loud next to me, etc. all that kinda bullish*t). Neither of us are moving this thing a step forward.... it's been a f*cking year!
I'm shy, but ready to make a move.
I NEED TO. HAVE TO DO SOMETHING. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO APPROACH HIM. WHAT DO I SAY... without making it seem i think of him 24/7
I NEED to talk to my crush?
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