I get nervous around him, what do I do?

Right I'm from high school in the uk and I went to primary school with this boy and I like had a tiny crush on him, but he didn't know. And when we went to high school, we went to a separate boys and girls school but we get the same school bus as it's assigned from the schools.

in year 7 we talked to each other on the bus all the time but from year 8-9 we stopped talking as much, and this year I've started talking to him more. He sits with his group of friends who talk to my group of friends, and puberty has really hit him this year, he looks great, so lots of other girls now fancy him, but I feel like he likes me for some reason.

When we talk he always says my name over again and smiles and laughs with me. But now since he's becomes like a big target from more popular girls, my confidence has dropped so when I see him looking at me out the corner of my eye, or when we talk I get SUPER nervous, and sometimes when he walks to get off the bus I see him looking at me as he goes downstairs but I'm too nervous to look up at him. We have three school buses and he's started getting off the bus he was previously on if I'm not on it and changes to my bus with his friends.

What do I do to be less nervous? And do you reckon he likes me or is it me being big headed?

Thank you! :)
I get nervous around him, what do I do?
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