How to get girls to text you back and have a conversation?

I really liked talking to this girl I used to sit next to in class. She stopped talking to me for some reason and now we dont talk anymore and I miss talking to her because she was really fun to talk to. It made my day talking to her ( I liked her for a month or two). I want to talk to her again but she never texts me back whenever I try to talk. I dont know what to do because she is nice in real life and she never texts me back. Whenever I text her we will send about 6-8 texts and then she will stop replying!! That is annoying!! If she is busy than why couldnt she just tell me that? I know she is an ap student but she still should be able to!! I sent her a text message apologizing about how I stopped talking to her and she said "its ok". Then I sent her something funny and she never replied. I sent her a text last week saying that it might snow and she never responded. This weekend I texted her a joke about my teacher and I asked her how her weekend was and she never responded at all. Usually if i text her around 3-5 she will answer after that she won't answer even on the weekends. Sometimes I have seen her on her phone in class texting! I DONT CARE IF SHE doesn't LIKE ME I JUST WANT TO BE FRIENDS!! Why doesn't she get that?? Does she think I like her??
How to get girls to text you back and have a conversation?
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