Does he like me?

So, i'm 14 and he's 15. We're both in 8:th grade and in the same class since year 7. We met in year 7 and that started with him teasing me. He just randomly came up and sang a song childishly to me. Then, that day, we got a new seating plan in English class and got to sit with each other untill the summer break. During that time we got to "know" each other better and still, until the last day of school, he was teasing me.
Now, like one week ago he started to touch me, like play fighting and things like that. The same week, after school, he was with his mates walking to the bus. Me and my friend were walking with them and like always, we were teasing each other. When I were about to leave him he said:
-Karolina, wait!
Then I turned back to him and he bent one knee and standing with the other and held a ring. He didn't say anything, he was just holding it. Firstly, I was schocked to see that but then, my friend dragged my hand said to me to go because the bus was coming.I couldn't say anything because the bus was there and (he's taking another bus) I went in it. The same day when I said something he repeated my words and after that he put his fingers under my chin, but that didn't last long 'cause I pushed him away.
But now, two weeks later, he is teasing my friend now (but still, he does that to me) in front of me and sometimes he's like totally ignoring me.
Also when he speaks to me, his voice gets kinda childish and soft.
Oh, and his friends do also sometimes tease me.
Does he like me?
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