How to start a conversation?

Yes I actually need help with this. Basically every Wednesday I go to youth group in a carpool. The guy I like, his older brother, some random girl, and me. I sit in the back with the guy I like. I have only said like 10 words tops to him since I met him, but I think he is at least interested in getting to know me, because I have seen him staring at me with his friends. I really want to get to know him better and at least be friends, BUT WE DON'T EVEN TALK. We are both super shy people but are really outgoing and talkative when we warm up to people (I know because my best friend is friends with his older brother and knows the guy I like pretty well). Should I just say something randomly? I feel like he would think I am some crazy chick XD What would I even say? Ugh I need help :(
How to start a conversation?
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