Flirting with Co-worker and she did not respond, what does it mean?

I recently started flirting with a coworker for about a week now. She seemed interested in me because it seemed to me like she was flirting back. She has a son and works 2 jobs so i know she is busy but she told me she doesn't work on sundays. She seems like she has barriers but is still interested. On Friday she was having 2 bad days in a row. After work that night i added her on Facebook and sent her this,

"You didn't seem to be have the best day today, I hope your okay now & I expect to see that cute smile next time we see each other."

The next day she was smiling at me, but trying to hold it back and started blushing. That day i asked her for her number so i could have a texting buddy.

She gave it to me and i texted her " Hey this is Brandon from work this is my number" 1:39pm

She Responded " No way! I thought this was Brandon from space" 2:22pm

I responded " I am from space... I actually fly space ships for a side job. Im astronaut Brandon" 2:39pm

That occured while she was at work and i had just left.

Sunday, i texted her at 11:53 am and said "Hi"

It is now 12:13 am Monday and she has not respond.

Did i mess something up or am i over thinking this or what does it mean that she didn't respond?

When and what is the next thing i should text her or do with her? or just wait and see her at work
Flirting with Co-worker and she did not respond, what does it mean?
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