My crush saw me see her with another guy and did this?

Hey, this is my first post.

So, I'm crushing on a classmate of mine and I'm almost certain she is crushing back. We've been sitting beside one another for almost 2 weeks. My crush is very smart and naturally shy. She is also extremely pretty, but i feel she does not think so of herself. Her body language when around me is what leads me to believe that she may have a crush on me. When we have class together, I notice several common body lanaguage "signs of attraction" from her including smiling, blushing, brushing her hair behind her ear, fidgeting, and other body language gestures glancing at me. I don't want to assume that these are indeed signs of attraction just yet, because they could very well be just her being shy.

Now here's the point of my thread. Last week, as I made my way into campus, I noticed her sitting on a bench with another male student nearby the science hall. I know she saw me walking towards the hall, but I pretended not to see her. As I got closer, she looked down into her lap. I continued forward, not saying anything or giving any indication that I knew she was there. As I walked into the hall, I held the door open for a student behind me and looked back. She quickly got up and walked away with the guy trailing her. My question is, do you think she didn't want me seeing her with the guy because she didn't want me thinking anything of it? Do you think she didn't want me approaching her while she was with the guy to avoid making him think I was a threat to him? I would like to stress again that she is very, very shy. She probably would have never said a word to me this semester had I not introduced myself to begin with. That's what leads me to believe that the guy was someone who approached her, and not necessarily a partner of hers because most people in relationships don't seem to be as shy as she is. Sorry for the long post. Hope we can get a conversation going!
My crush saw me see her with another guy and did this?
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