Guys, do you think this guy likes me? Why won't he talk to me?

I'm 17 and so Is this guy on my bus. We are both sophomores. Since January, this guy and I have been flirting but have NEVER talked. At first, he would occasionally look at me and try to get my attention but tapping or head banging. He sits near me on the bus. His girlfriend went to Honduras at the end of January and came back at the end of February . During that time, he started looking at me more and would stare at me, sometimes I would look over and look away. He would still be staring. Sometimes he acts like he is staring at the window above me. There are times when he sits In the seat next to me with his whole body facing mine and he looks nervous like he's gonna talk to me but never actually says anything. I smiled at him before and he looked at his phone and his face went red and he smirked then he looked up at me with a serious face. I saw him chatting a few weeks ago in the hallway with his girlfriend and he saw me and looked nervous then he kinda walked away from her. Did I also mention one of her friends rides my bus also and sits near us, but she doesn't say anything. However lately she's been walking and talking with other guys and the guy I like has been walking by himself, he looks at me and looks away and looks embarrassed and walks quicker. He also stares at me while putting stuff in his locker. I also, got his house phone number off the internet and prank called it last month and his dad got pissed and asked who it was and I made up a fake name and hung up. He also holds doors open for me and always lets me off the bus before him. We have no classes together. There's also this other guy who sits in the seat next to mine most days and the guy I like either sits in the seat in front of him or on days the guy isn't there the seat by mine. Does this guy like me?? Why won't he talk to me?? We bump into eachother a lot in the hallway but don't say anything.
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I think he probably likes you. You should try talking to him
Guys, do you think this guy likes me? Why won't he talk to me?
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