What do you think I should do with this guy?

So, I had this guy messaged me on GAG 3 days ago. We chatted and everything went well. I asked for his number and we talked via whatsapp. It's only couple days we talked via whatsapp. We exchanged our pics. I'm secretly crushing on him cause he's fuckin good looking. He's really my type. We ain't live in the same country, fyi. In the beginning, he seemed interested to talk to me, but lately he seems not interested. He took a long time to reply to my message on the 2nd day. And he gave such "one-word" reply. Tbh, it's always me that started the convo and kept the convo going. What do you think should I do? (sorry for my bad grammar)
Should I bother trying as long as he's reachable?
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Stop contacting him cause it won't work out
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+1 y
Did you know what the first message he sent me on GAG? He said "You are so pretty :)" and when I sent him my pics on whatsapp, he kept saying the same thing. Was he just trying to be nice or is he interested? It's confusing.
What do you think I should do with this guy?
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