Guys, am I wrong to want a guy to make the move/do the approaching?

So i prefer guy asking me out, rather then me doing it. I've done it twice before but regretted it as the guy didn't have to work to get me. An i never could tell how interested he was as he had opportunity to speak an meet me an.took it.

So no romance involved, no flowers etc or anything to make it have any longevity. One guy would flirt but i met him at supermarket where he worked. After giving my number he wanted to meet 2hrs later as he had freetime but i was busy unfortunately i tried rearranging but he became distant. So was buthurt over it.

Another guy i met up with once after.asking for number. One date, kiss an.chilling together. Then he couldn't make time for me an.he never bothered to arrange meeting. An said we met once not like we been.together years.

So approaching a guy for me made guys get too cocky an act really careless to the outcome. This put so now i feel like i would prefer a guy. To approach me.

Problem is i I think i like a guy at my local store. I am unsure how he feels he does.not.give much away or.maybe isn't interested?

So he's polite as i am.customer. But is it extra polite if he apologises.for having to i.d me.for a.tonic wine? Or apologising for when he is stacking shelves an i am waitinf at till less then 10 seconds an he comes to serve me.

When i come in he either raises eyebrow, looks to the floor then looks up and says hello you alright.

When i walk past on opposite side of road his eyes were fixated on me.I am shy so i am nervous. I lose all nerve around him. I have my.number on a slip but need encouragement to.go give it to him or to see if you guys think i read into it.
Guys, am I wrong to want a guy to make the move/do the approaching?
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