Crush rejected me?

So i have a crush on my guy friend and everyone (even the teacher apprently - she asked me if we were together -.- ) thought he liked me because he was always:

staring at me in class and outside as in he stared at me as i walked down the hallway
all his friends know who i am and stare at me a lot
always listens to my conversations and tries to join in
called me Tony knowing it slightly annoys me slightly amuses me
always helps me
always wants to work with me
always moans at me about smoking - which i have stopped thanks to him a month ago - and me drinking energy drinks and how bad they are for me.

There are more but can't be botherd to type them all out. anyway, so i finally got the courage to ask him over facebook (i know how lame but we're on college holiday at the moment for two weeks and whilst we're friends we dont really hang out outside college due to him living about 1 hour 30 minutes away by bus.
anyway, so i told him and he said he was sorry but he didn't like me and only sees me as one of his best mates fair enough i can't force him to like me i was gutted but then he said something

"the problem is that i have a girlfriend at the moment"

why say this? i thought he didn't like me so what point does this serve? he never ever mentioned anything about any sort of relationship with another girl apart from a platonic one in the 7/8 months I've known him and we talk like every single day
he also goes hot and cold on me a lot which really bugs me because im the type of person who needs to know where i stand with people lol
Crush rejected me?
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