Girls, how do girls like their first kiss to be?

Girls, you'll like my story so read on please ;)

I've been with my girlfriend for over 6 months, unfortunately when we got together I was moving away, so its a long-distance. We were best friends before that and still are, thats why we chose to stick with the long-distance. We got together a few days I moved away, so I didn't kiss her. I'll meet her in a month (so excited) and would like to kiss her in the best way possible.

Seriously, I've been planning for such a long time. I chose the place, date, time, everything that I could have thought about. I have even chosen what to wear (I've heard red and black makes girls go crazy subconsciously). Just give any tips. Remember this is going to be the first kiss, and I know my girlfriend likes to be left wanting more. So no tongue for sure.

Give me any tip, anything. I have planned the whole day to its minutes, there are over 7 activities that we are going to do, and at the end of the night... the perfect kiss. Lots of fun, lots of gifts, and yes, lots of chocolate. Most importantly, lots of love :)

I have gotten her a black diamond necklace to give it to her right after the kiss, this will also will steer clear of any possible awkward moment after that and would make the experience even better.

Give me details please:
How long (in seconds)
How hard/soft
Where would you like to be held most
Top or bottom lip

much appreciated :)

its a serious relationship, and I'm feeling that she is the one, so i want this night to be special, real special. The time is set to her favorite numbers so that she would also remember that. and the day is set to my favorite numbers. everything is perfect, hope the kiss will be too.

Girls, how do girls like their first kiss to be?
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