Do you think its weird?

So a guy I jmet at work he's married, he's a cool guy. So my mother car wasn't working and he asked if I needed a ride and I said cool. He said he had to stop somewhere. So I said cool. Guess where he took me...He took me to meet his mother and she's interviewing me, nice lady, she was excited to see me. Than next stop I met the father and the wole family. Thats soo awkward. I felt weird because he's married. So the next couple of days I backed off, (no more riding with him, and only having conversations dealing with the job) and he notice and he was a little sad and he told me he wanted to talk to me and he said that he's attracted to me and he cares about me. I told him I dont want to talk to him anymore...
Do you think its weird?
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