Ways to get the attention of a popular guy?

The guy I like is one of my best friends and at times I think there's a good chance he likes me to. Except, he has lots and lots of friends who are girls. Yep, he's one of them guys; who has more 'girl' friends than boys who are friends.
No, he's not gay he is just friends with lots of girls.
I know I'm one of his best friends but sometimes I feel in competition with these other girls to be 'sexier' or 'prettier' or 'funnier' instead of just me.
I know this is wrong and I really do try and be myself. I just can't help getting down about it sometimes though, what if he likes 'her' over me?
As he's used to female attention, (in a friends way) I was wondering if there's any ways I could get his attention more than the others and in a more girlfriend sort of way?
if it helps, we're 16.

Thank you for answering :)
Roma xo
Ways to get the attention of a popular guy?
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