To snapchat or not to snapchat that is the question?

so i am attracted to this guy from my school. i think he's super cute and he's one of the very few guys i find attractive there that i might have a shot with. he seems pretty nice from how i see him interact with others. anyway, i don't know anyone he knows and nobody i know knows him. i didn't even know his name until i stumbled upon his instagram a few days ago. his snapchat is in his bio and i was wondering if i should add him. i think it would be weird because he would wonder how i got his snapchat and who i was, considering we have no ties at school and why i wanted to talk to him. what if he doesn't add me back or doesn't find me attractive or thinks im weird for adding a stranger? should i add him and risk being rejected and the fact that i was rejected being spread around school?
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i can't talk to him in person as i only see him in the morning with only 10 minutes before class starts, he's always with friends when i see him, i don't have any classes with him, and i've never had to approach a guy first. i wouldn't kmow what to say that wouldn't be weird or awkward or make him think why is she talking to me
To snapchat or not to snapchat that is the question?
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