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Any advice about this girl? She really isn't typical.

I told this girl I liked her about 4 months ago, but she said she felt too selfish and insecure for a relationship. I thought she was letting me down gently, so I was prepared to let her go, and we’re still good friends.

But: - found out she’s never had a boyfriend

- She sees a boyfriend as someone who she’s become really good friends with first.

- I only knew her for three weeks when I told her I liked her.

So: I left it for two and half months, and we’re still friends, but I didn’t try to flirt with her or anything.

But: - I still like her, so I decided I might try flirting with her again.

- Grabbed hold of her hands, (didn’t hold them though), every now and then

- Tell her I think she’s beautiful

- Walk her to her classes

- Started calling her – phone conversations at first latest 5,10 mins, but now they last 20-30mins

However sends mixed messages:


- doesn’t pull back when I do any of the things I said above

- doesn’t try and end the phone conversations early

- always smiling, never seems to be awkward around me

- quite often if we’re standing up together, she’ll come and stand up right next to me, practically touching me

- if we’re having a three way conversation she’ll often lean in towards me

- quite frequently she looks into my eyes even though she’s talking to someone else, but then again she often looks into the eyes of whoever she’s talking to.

- we had a catch up coffee together recently- just her and i, (her suggestion), even though we have a common class 4 days a week and even though we’ve been out as a group once a week for the past month, and she mentioned a few times that we should do stuff after the exams, (not sure if she meant her and I or so a group)

CONS: -sometimes she replies to my emails/texts, sometimes she just doesn't (but she does do this with most of her friends)

-and sometimes she doesn't answer my calls - perhaps she is just too busy/stressed? Or maybe she's ignoring me...but she often writes me an email afterwards apologizing for missing my call!

- but she has never initiated a call either...I've always called her

BUT: she doesn't seem to act in the slightest bit awkwardly around me, nor does she avoid me. We've been out with a group of friends several times and we share a common class 4 days a week. (in fact it has only been in the past six weeks that we have done stuff as a group outside uni together.)

Its not that I think my "actions" towards her (grabbing her hands etc) are particularly flirtacious, -she has very flirty friends and I know of some who do similar things, but its the fact that I have ALREADY told her a few months ago how I felt. Surely that has entered her mind hasn't it? Wouldn’t she pull away etc if she felt uncomfortable or at least try to subtly hint that I wasn't interested!

Has anyone has had any similar experiences? I'm just wondering whether I should keep at it, and if so how, (I am patient), or whether you think it's pointless?
Any advice about this girl? She really isn't typical.
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