I can't figure out what she wants... input?

There is a girl I have been getting to know since Januay (we are lesbians) and I cannot figure out what she wants/does not want or what to do. We are just friends, but the thing is that some days she is super flirty and cute, and then others she is hostile and rude. One day she makes me smile like an idiot at my phone and the next she makes me feel like I am useless and annoying. Last night we were talking about relationships, and she said "I keep finding the straight equivalent, so the search continues" and then today she said "its a good thing you are not a guy, you would have terrible luck" so both of these things make me think she is not interested at all. But then some days she flirts and can't wait to see me. What do I do? When she makes me feel useless I just want to forget she exists and when she is flirty and good to me it maks me really happy. I don't deserve to feel useless though, that is silly. Should I talk to her or just walk away from all of it? Please help!
I can't figure out what she wants... input?
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