How to create a romantic evening for your man... without being too cheesy?

I want to have a nice romantic, fun filled ;) evening with my man. I want to set up something special and original, but I do not want to be corny or cheesy. Any suggestions or stories that have worked for you in the past?


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  • *Puts on superman cape and starts drawing* <-- don't ask me why, it just works okay?! =P

    You two have planned out a time to bond with each other. The mystery is in the air because he doesn't know who has plans, or even what those plans include. Both of you are on the edge of your seat like some thriller movie.

    He comes home from work and probably has forgotten about the plans (typical guy). Don't get bummed out! Grab his hand and lead him to your "secret location" - In my mind, this would be a waterfall, but fairly far away (so as to not be interrupted by noise when we talk.) This spot would have a clear view of the sky.

    At the destination, we open the trunk and pull out some blankets and some spaghetti / french bread / a bottle of Mount Eden Vineyards 2005 "Estate" Chardonnay. We then take all of these items and move to a small mound where we can relax without gripping the earth to stay in spot. We sit down on the blankets, with one over her knees/legs, and one over mine. Her head is in my lap and we are munching on the profound dinner.

    After dinner, we share 1-2 glasses of the Chardonnay (separate glasses). Talking about plans for vacation and what locations are beautiful. We stay away from conversations regarding the relationship etc (This way the intentions of the date were held secret).

    When we want to go home, I pack up the things while she brings the car closer. We hop into the car and head off for home. We spend the rest of the night cuddling on the couch (I spend most of my nights in bed, I want this one to be different) ... We wake up with bad neck cramps and just make humor of the situation, reminiscing about the night before.

    =) The night is complete, the next morning, our bond feels refreshed and renewed.

    Best regards,


    P.s. this is just me fantasizing as how I would enjoy the situation. Hopefully you liked this as much as I did, I am quite hungry now.


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  • Honestly, one of the most romantic evenings I've had lately involved wine, and a computer lol.

    Sounds weird, but basically we sat there talking scrolling through music lists, playing random songs each of us were into. You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to.

    And do you know how many conversations can spawn from 1 song? Tons, we sat there and did this for hours, had real in depth intellectual conversations.

    We ended up playing music like Terry Reids - To Be Treated, beautiful song, really romantic, I sat behind him and started rubbing his shoulders and tickling his back (his cryptonite lol, that mans putty when I tickle his back)

    I don't know its hard to explain, but it was a really beautiful night, one I won't forget.

    Basically the most romantic thing you can do with someone will never be the same for another couple, you have to do something original, that's yours and his, catered to who you are as people. Take your likes and his likes and try to mash it together, because for me at least, the most romantic thing is when two people finally connect their souls.